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APP business developing in India can not monetize? Lopscoop Content Affiliate serves as the ultimate solution.

India is an emerging market of internet and because of the great number of internet users and the ever-increasing internet market scale, many internet companies in China have developed their business in India looking forward to taking a place in India.

A great number of internet game and tool products from China have gained great traffic in India but they are difficult to monetize: India’s economic level is still relatively backward with less paying intention of users; Companies access to the third party advertising platform by their own but the rate of return and the efficiency of monetizing are too low.

Aiming at the problems developers meet, Lopscoop gives a perfect solution——Lopscoop Content Affiliate serves as the ultimate solution offering internet products developing in India a creative and effective plan.

Who are we ?

Lopscoop is an internet product focusing on Indian native pan-entertainment content offering solutions to Content Affiliate Monetizing.

Bollywood, cricket, humor and celebrity gossip are all contents that attract Indian people and take up 80% of the time of their daily reading. All kinds of news that people care about every day are integrated by Lopscoop and published on the platform in both English and Indian spoken by over 90% of Indian users.Popular content is updated in real time to offer users abundant reading resources and information.

Now Lopscoop has a creative team of more than 80 people in Delhi, India. Combined with UGC and signed copyright cooperation, it has more than 3000 articles of great quality updated every day.In addition, we have more than 30 people in Shanghai, China who are responsible for the developing, marketing and promoting of Lopscoop. Now, more than 1 million daily active users shown on this app and the number is still growing rapidly.

The content application of Lopscoop has our own patented Alpha Intelligent Recommendation Engine, recommending personalized contents from multiple dimensions like hobbies and interests of different users. It can achieve recommending contents directly that vary from user to user and come out to be exactly what they like.

Lopscoop can truly achieve saving data by optimizing data function in terms of Indian network situation making people read enjoyably even in a 2G network environment. In addition, content caching feature enables users to cache individual articles or even whole channel to local devices.

The app has a incentive mechanism of collecting golds for money. Users are able to collect gold coins that can be exchanged to local currency every day according to a financial algorithm with reading and sharing contents and then can be withdrawn or converted to equivalent items in the application directly.