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Making a fashion statement within yourself with different accessories and items can be great and up to the mark but there may be various adverse effects over it as well.yes, this is a sad part but it is very true that your own sexy outfit or favorite jeans can make you uncomfortable and create certain diseased conditions. So to warn you from such things.Take a look!
1) High Heels
Wearing stilettoes and high heels look as beautiful on the foot as they are but its side effects are not at all good. It can put you in a lot of trouble with several foot problems like osteoporosis, sprain, ingrown toenails etc.So be very careful!
2) Tight Pants
Tight pants can be a stylish complement for people who wear it but its worst after effects is believed to destroy all the fancy that you are trying to show up.It can lower the blood flow giving you lots that may affect your body blood circulation.
3) Panties and Thongs
Another thing which is surely a thing to worry would be the private inner wears which you wear. It can really make you pissed with its awkward infections and complications.Take a note of it!
4) Heavy earrings
This stuff can easily affect your ears with fungal infections and deadly scrapping which could lead to cancerous occurrence around the ear area.So scary!
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