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Gentlemen. We need to talk.
Most people think that to appropriately “make an impression” a girl and get her back to their place, they have to have the most pricey apartment they can afford in a really “well-off” part of town.
In reality, you don’t need a costly place at all. In fact, you don’t even need a ton of cash for furnishings, artwork, or “cool” hobbies (like playing the guitar).
Those things can all aid for sure. But you can absolutely fashion an awe-inspiring place she’ll love to go back to without spending a ton of cash.
Let’s get going-
1. That much-loved chair/couch/ lazy boy
You've got to be a little bit like Sheldon Cooper when it comes to sticking to your side of the sofa. But may I propose a little even better? Just go and get a chair/couch that speaks to your goddamn heart. Have a super comfy lazy boy in your living room and Voila see the effect!
2. A table lamp for slow evenings. Because who doesn’t love one!
Just when the temper of the party starts to sway towards a chill base, a table lamp is to be called for. Even on home-alone days, the tenderness of yellow light perfectly complements the finale of a sunset and there is a unique joy in bathing your spinster pad with a yellow glow.
3. A pet (turns a house into a home)
There is NO way on the planet that you could wrong with this one. If you need a buddy, adopt a pet. If you missing your folks, adopt a pet. If you want to be friends with survival, adopt a pet. Yeah, so there is certainly no way around this one.
4. A big TV for all the movie nights/IPL matches/gaming marathons
For the time when your complete bunch of mates decides to howl and scream to the callings of a bat and a ball, a decent television becomes a necessity. Even movie marathons are way more longed-for off the laptop and on the 'big' screen as you revive those moments of everlasting cinematic love.
5. A squashy, fluffy bed (because, essentials)
Well, do I have to really spell this one out? Because any human with two pence worth of brain knows that a bed ain't to be compromised on. You are virtually going to have a lot of almost-snooze content day reminiscences and you better have a bed prepared for that.
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