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A photographer sees things differently. His ‘eye’ through lens defines his creativity. This is what one of the amateur photographers did by showing the difference of his photos once he turned into a professional photographer.
Phillip Haumesser used to capture the photos without noticing all the beauty around him. “After I picked up a camera and started taking photos of my kids, I started to see the world in a whole new way. Once you start to see it, you can't un-see it,” says Haumesser.
The photographer believes his different perspective was a life changing experience for him. He played with light and colours to tell the story in the most beautiful and colourful display. “After becoming a photographer, I slowed down from this crazy fast paced world and started to appreciate the masterpieces that were before my very eyes. This was a life changing experience for me!” Haumesser added.
1. Not only child, now even hens look happier
2. Wonderful colours are exciting!
3. Stunning Picture
4. Children having great time in the garden!
5. See the remarkable difference of natural light
6. Look at the composition!
7. Understand depth of field in this picture!
8. Now sitting in a beautiful green field!
9. Absolutely great work!
10. Perfect candid!
11. Impressed!
So definitely, there is a remarkable difference in the photos. We hope and wish Phillip Haumesser continue to capture amazing pictures and grow in this field.
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