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Life is pretty sucky, right? How many times have you got so depressed form your day-to-day life that you thought of becoming a bird enjoying her lone time or a lion roaming freely in the forest? May be a couple of times, but eventually, you give it a spin and return to your mundane life, but there are some persons like 35-year old Thomas Thwaites, who actually gave up human life to become a goat. Yes, you read it right!
But why he became a goat man?
Because why not? Thomas spent a whole year making fancy prosthetics to double up as goat legs. He also did mull over living as an elephant and as a dog, but finally settled on becoming a goat. He studies goat psychology and found a goat herder who would let him live with his animals. And then he left his busy London life and traveled to Switzerland to live like a goat.
He actually got an artificial stomach to digest grass
He got fake goat's stomach attached, which was created with the help of experts from the University of Aberystwyth. It was strapped to his waist and helped him to secretly spit chewed up grass inside without giving the game away to his latest hircine chums.
Research grant
As you'd expect, it's not cheap to abruptly make your mind up to be a goat. Fortunately, Thomas received a research grant, allowing him to purchase the technology he needed to truly turn into Goat Man.
Some people use their holiday time to go to Disney World. Thomas Thwaites used his to become a goat.
His vacation from human life lasted six days: Three days he spent with goats, and three days he spent as an abandoned goat after he lost the herd.
"My goal was to take a holiday from the pain and worry of being a self-conscious being, able to regret the past and worry about the future," he said.
So, whether you think this man is a whiz kid or insane, he doesn’t care. He just bleats and moves on.
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