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What is happiness? One of the most intriguing questions which has been defined extensively yet fails to thirst of readers. Happiness is often seen as individual pursuit, chasing the best career, good health, having huge money, buying stuff and expecting all of that to lead to happiness. But that is still not enough to justify the answer.
According to scientists, chasing down happiness might be making you miserable. In other words, the more you go looking for happiness, the less you are likely to find it. However, many scientists agree happiness is spending time with friends, caring for parents, going out with family, taking care of children and doing work that you enjoy.
Scientists have given these five ways how to feel happier and enjoy your life.
1. Schedule Fun Activities
According to a study, people who intentionally created conditions in their day that were likely to bring about positive emotions- like gardening or seeing a friend – had more happy feelings and fewer symptoms of depression than those who didn’t.
2. Shift Your Perspective
When people are primed to think of their time as limited, they want to feel serene happiness more than excited happiness. Past research suggests that when people value calm more, they seek out more relaxing activities.
3. Stay Present
Forget past, live your life in present. Past is never coming back and you don’t know what lies in your future, thus what is more important is your today.
4. Lower Your Expectations
Expecting big fun often leads to the opposite, and that’s what researchers found when they polled people before and after New Year’s Eve. People who had elaborate plans though they’d enjoy their night the most, but they were the most disappointed afterward.
5. Savor Great Moments
Appreciate and relieve wonderful moments even after they’re over. One research shows that absorbing yourself in a positive experience- what he calls “savoring” – strongly predicts higher levels of happiness.
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