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Cricket is a game profoundly influenced by traditions. Earlier in the late 1970's cricketers used to play the matches in whites and nothing was written on jerseys of cricketers for a very long time. Numbers and Cricket had always gone hand in hand. There is an interesting story for every player for selecting the number on his or her jersey.
Let’s hear them out-
Sachin started with 99 numbered man in blue T-shirt. But he realized his form was not up to Sachin Tendulkar level. And after suggested by the Astrologer he started to use the 10 number. He may have influenced by the footballers, as they generally wear 10 number t-shirts.Now BCCI retired Jersey no 10 because God retired himself from all format of games!
His favorite number was 9, not only his favorite number was 9 interestingly his Roll no. Was also 9, But when he made Debut in Indian team Parthiv Patel had already number 9, so he decided to select 99.
Well, the reason lies in a match only, when he was victorious!
Bhajji chose No. 3 as he was born on the as auspicious day!
His Birthday falls on 7th July apart from that he is avid supporter of Manchester United and some of the players like George Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo
His mother has picked for him during his U-19 days based on superstition. His mother has suggested him to go for 9, since it was already been selected by some other player Rohit selected 45(4+5=9)
He captained the u-19 world cup with the number 18 and had won it, so he decided to stuck back to 18.
His Birthday also falls on December 12 and he was born at 12PM ,interestingly he also lives in 12th sector of Chandigarh
Designed By Vikas Kakkar
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