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Bollywood characters have absorbed in our life like sugar and water, right from Crime Master Gogo, to Raj, to Prem, we can narrate their dialogues in our sleep. Since they are such a huge part of our lives, we have decided to go a step further and picture a world where all of them co-exist with us.
Picture Poo from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham sitting beside you, Raj from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge making you giggle in between the boring office, and so on. We've put together our own list of the big screen characters that we'd love to share office space with, so let us know if you'd love for this to happen too.
He's been in the office since its founding days, and he probably would love to conduct those "haamare zaamane mein" sessions with a few reliable friends, each day at 4 PM over sutta break.
We all have that one boss, who is super strict about a deadline, minus the plan how to meet it! He literally turns into a monster at the times of appraisals.
This guy long sitting dream is to hit the shores of USA or Australia anytime soon.
Yes, she is the one you need to be jealous of! She always meets her deadline and never takes an off. The smart ass kind of!
When someone says something that you don't agree with or that rubs you the wrong way, you speak your mind.
He'd pretty much be the subject of tête-à-tête at most lunch tables, and all that starry-eyed charm mixed with some desi swag would make for great office eye candy.
Tina would make for the ideal HR person, who shares a great rapport with everyone, and gives us some good fashion tips, and Rahul and Anjali could work (and fight majorly) in the advertising department.
Yes, you can see her taking 20-30 photos at one go in washrooms. She is the official selfie queen of the office and never shies away from taking pictures of herself!
And then, there's you Just, give yourself a mental slap, please.
Their characteristic frolics provide the daily dose of entertainment in your work life and help you sustain sanity even in the most annoying situations at work. Don’t forget to share your side of the story, we are listening!
Designed By Vikas Kakkar
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