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So, some say sex appeal is very biased. After all, while somebody might find strength bound hunks with the expressions of a 12-year-old attractive, some go for gangling chocolate boys with the lexis of 15-year-olds. There are as many definitions of exquisiteness as there are people. To this, though, Bollywood says a jovial “Fuck you”.
Because even though a bulk of people can tell the disparity flanked by he man-children who are Varun Dhawan, Aditya Roy Kapoor and the third dude on the right, I sincerely need to Google them to find out.
But there are certain actors whose on screen personas are too old-fashioned to be called ‘hot’ any longer. These are those unfortunate souls whose country wide appeal has really worn out the bottom of the tub. And as a human female, I agree. These folks are just not sexy any longer. But obviously, 13 – 15 year old me had her own notes and courageously fell in love with these weirdoes.
#1 Uday Chopra In Dhoom
The heart desires what the heart desires. And my heart lounged for this.
Why? Because in a movie with an awful script and honest stunts, Ali is the chap you want to adore. Ali is the man who will stand up by you when you’re feeling awful. I mean the person was polite enough to even fall in love with Isha Deol. I mean, no other man would forgo himself and take one for the squad by falling for Esha Deol.
#2 Zayed Khan In Main Hoon Na
Oh sweet and mushy year 2004!It was such a trouble-free time…a time when movie makers actually thought all school students decent like 4 months worth of kachra from the neighbouring bhangar-wala.But in all the bhangar in all the earth, Zayed Khan was my much-loved. That long ass face, those arms which had only been waxed till the jostle, those flowing locks held back by a tapri’s hankie. Even today I feel a little prickly.
#3 Aftab Shivdasani From Awara Paagal Deewana
Why did this movie survive? Did Vikram Bhatt have a great deal free time? Did Akshay Kumar, Aftab Shivdasani, and Suniel Shetty want to hang out with each other but couldn’t manage to pay for it? Who knows…
What I do know is that Aftab Shivdasani was the only motivation I watched this nonsense almost every day after school.
Every single day. For this –
#4 Jackie Shroff From Rangeela
See, Rangeela was an awesome movie. It skilled me a lot. particularly how much more amiable Jackie Shroff is compared to that rag with eyes drawn on it called Tiger Shroff.
But the cold harsh actuality of Rangeela is that you have a selection to make. A pick that isn’t too tricky for most spectators. Between Aamir Khan in a washed out jumpsuit and Jackie Shroff in shirts that look like dupattas. And I pick.
Thank you, Jackie Shroff, for arousing me sexually.
#5 Chandrachur Singh In Josh
I called this gentleman Chandra “Chut” Singh for most of my childhood and not a soul concerned to correct me. Which means, I went around telling people how much I liked Chandra “chut” Singh?
But slowly, he started looking like a " Baigan " to me-
A baingan romancing Ash!
These few men were simply the pillars of my adulthood, don't forget to share yours!
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