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You are a pair that has been with each other since the evolution of humanity. People have often wondered how you can dwell in this never ending bond and still hang on to your wisdom. Well to put it merely you have mastered the art of day after day humdrum life by spicing it up a little with each other.
Here's 7 surefire signs you've been together WAAAAAAY too long...
1. Your Toilet etiquette has started to vanish
If one or other member of a pair no longer feel the need to avail of the toilet brush, you may be further than help. Likewise, if there are skid marked boxes languishing in the laundry basket in close nearness to our clothes, this is rock bottom (ahem). Toilet jokes don’t bother you anymore.
2. You know some really weird habit of the person and it no longer surprises you
Who cares for date night dresses, when a pajama does all that magic!
3. Popping pimple out of each other like a total pro!
In fact, now it doesn’t even qualify as weird. If anyone is squeezing spots either in the presence of the other person, or (dear god) squeezing the spots of the other person.
4. You can be together for hours and not feel obliged to talk
There are no uncomfortable silences here
5. Seriously, dinner plans are never taken lightly.
I told you.
6. All the diners are over done for you!
There is no place left for your date night because you have visited each one of them. God save you!
7. This goes double if you're actually living together.
And nothing makes you more contented. It’s perhaps why it’s lasted this long in the first place. And that is special.
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