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The little pieces of joy, momos are the most ‘s loved junk food that could be find at any cornor of the city (especially Delhi). The food has a huge fan following (literally) and at times, it becomes irresistable to avoid these steamy pieces of dumpling. But, did you know?
It is surprisingly very harmful for the body. Along with fattening maida, there are many other reasons for not eating momos. Lets find out about 5 reasons that suggests one must quit eating momos, right away.
#1 It Contains Ajinomoto
Ajinomoto is nothing but a Japanese firm named Ajinomoto Corp which produces this food enhancer found in every chinese cuisine. It is rich in harmful ingredient monosodium glutamat(MSG), which increases gluetin level in the blood. It can cause variety of different diseases and therefore, consumption of momos more than once should be strictly avoided.
#2 Contains FAECAL matter
A study by Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition, Pusa, showed that Delhi street food - particularly samosas, golgappas, burgers and momos - contains faecal matter, which gies to way beyond that’s permitted (2400MPN against 50MPN). These are the major reason behind a person getting diseased with diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, typhoid and at times, even food poisoning
#3 Prepared with Bleached Maida
Momos are made with Bleached Maida (refined flour) which is the starchy part of the grain after the removal of its fibrous bran. These are then mixed with chemicles like Azodicarbonamide, chlorinegas,etc., that causes harm to pancreas and insulin production gets damaged in the body.
#4 Consumption of MOMOS causes acidity and Weight gain
Yes, they are usualy cooked in high fat, low quality fat with bleached maida, which results in serious digestive issues. If you’re diet is less filled with protein 7 fiber, we suggest you refrain from consuming momos.
#5 Most of the momos have LOW QUALITY vegetable/chicken meat stuffing
As we cant’s see whats stuffed inside the momos before eating, sellers cheat us by using low quality and degraded vegetables as well as n.veg stuffing to churn out extra profit.
Still planning to eat momos tonight?
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