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Eighteen years since Kargil War was fought, the lessons learned from it continue to be significant even today. In the months of May-July in 1999, India lost sons, fathers, and brothers in the combat zone in Kargil. These young men served their nation in the true sense of the word and privileged their motherland by defending it with all their vigor.
We casually talk about going to war each time, Pakistan crosses the line. But India has always been known as a peace loving country, and sympathy and compassion are deep rooted in its soil.
But this Kargil Vijay Diwas let’s talk why we shouldn’t go to war, let's count how many brothers fathers we lost, and how it brought our morale down.
1. 1- We lost 527 brothers and father and 1,363 were wounded ( Indian official figure)
All the names can be seen at the Kargil War Memorial located at Dras, India.
2. 2- We also lost several warfares including -1 POW, 1 fighter jet shot down, 1 fighter jet crashed, 1 helicopter shot down.
3. It was a dangerous war because both the countries are well equipped with nuclear weapons.
The territory is too multifaceted. After Siachin it can easily be called as second most difficult hill range to fight.
4. Kargil is one of the most current and villainous examples of high-altitude warfare i.e wars that are fought on hilly terrain. Such wars are considered more dangerous due to the jagged terrain and natural environment.
5. Investors don’t like to invest in a war zone
If you are swayed that our country needs a massive amount of foreign investment, in order to grow your financial system and pull people out of dearth then war may be the worst of ideas. Because no one likes to invest their valuable capital in a war zone.
Today, on Kargil Vijay Diwas, it's only fitting that we take a moment to thank the heroes of the Indian army that protected our country against Pakistani attacks 18 years ago. Because it's the least we can do to never forget those that made the eventual sacrifice for their motherland back in 1999.
Let us respect their reminiscence today. Let us never take our liberty for granted. And let us endeavor every day to make India praiseworthy of their invaluable sacrifice, but war only brings hatred and tears for both the parties, like Kargil did!
Jaya Hind. Jaya Hind ki sena.
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