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“Joe never shares his food” if this is your favourite dialogue when it comes to food, TOH TUM FOOD KE LIYE ZINDA HO! If you fantasize about Biryanis or Gulab Jamuns more than anything in the world, then you are an acclaimed food lover.
Memes describe our life in the best possible way, so why not show some faith towards a food lover-
1. When food is your BAE.
See, the problem is that people don’t value the relationship you have with food. If they did, they wouldn’t even bother asking you for any of your food. Your food is your baby, and most essentially, it’s YOURS.
2. Getting excited AF when your food arrives
There’s not many joys that trump seeing some tasty food approaching your table. What an unforgettable and euphoric feeling.
3. For you spicy up your life means this!
Food is pretty much like your bestie, your lover, and all of the above. And just like those aforementioned things, you totally miss it when you’re not around it. There’s nothing more painful than going hours without some food in your pie hole–it’s absolute torture if you ask us.
4. When you know your future kid is also going to be a big time foody!
Name the time and place, and you’ll be there–ready to get your grub on. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing–you’ll stop dead in your tracks if that means you can get your hands on some tasty food. It shouldn’t even be a question, honestly, of when you want to eat. Because the answer is NOW and ALWAYS.
5. The feeling of a salad lover de-coded!
You will find many food lovers to be an avid salad obsessed too! They know their salads in and out and swear by the sauces.
6. The reason why we love parties is just FREE FOOD!
Nothing warms your heart like being asked, “When do you want to eat?”– even though you already know the answer. It’s like music to your ears, and tummy. You were born to do this. Watch out food, we’re coming for ya!
7. When your one teaspoon is bigger than several cups!
As a person who truly adores food, you know there are a few dishes that transcend all time and even seasons. When the urge strikes, one must succumb.
8. Because you skipped the " sharing" lesson in your childhood!
As a foodie, you want to be able to eat whatever you want, when you want, and not be judged for it. Eating tasty food in peace is your ultimate goal. And you always restraint yourself from SHARING!
9. The golden food for every food lover!
Because beleive me mate, food is life!
10. When youmissed your food more than anything in the world!
Time, space, seasons, dimensions, galaxies, etc.–all are irrelevant. All that matters is NOW. Seriously, what’s a better time to enjoy a nice bowl of cereal and some ice cream?! This is pretty much a rhetorical question, because all of our true foodies know the time is always NOW.
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