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If you dreamt of a future filled with the coolest gadgets then this piece might interest you! Good gadgets are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they’re always there to comfort you.
The silicone garlic roller seems too simple but it is way too functional especially if you hate peeling garlic. Minus the ghastly garlic smell, you can get your work done in minutes.
It’s so handy and well-designed that you will soon get used to it. This little plastic can stick on your phone and help you manage a better grip. You can also wrap your headphone around them!
Basically a mobile security camera with some smart-home control capabilities, Kuri can keep a tab on your kids and pets when you're not home. It looks like a robot, though, so it's cool just for that.
So you ever dreamt of dancing on high music while taking bath but your speakers used to give up? But not now anymore. Because these super cool speakers are waterproof, you can hang them right above your showers.
Wanna show off a bit? Now, you use these illuminating chop sticks to dig in noodles. Don’t forget to buy one for your girlfriend also!
Well, if you always loved distracting things to calm you down then these liquid motions are perfect. They are made up of cylinder-shaped oil and water emulsion toy with spiral stairs inside that you can put upside down all the time and then you see little drops of blue oil rolling down in a spiral. It was so satisfying to watch, even better than a lava lamp!
Perfect for house parties. It has 3 additional compartments for appetizers, crockery so you can get out of the kitchen and enjoy the party! Get one for yourself today and you will never have a dull moment.
There’s never a dull moment with gadgets!
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