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Whoever said dating is "cool" clearly hasn't done it for a while. Having a colorful dating history? Don’t worry we all are going through the same phase. Just make sure you, in fact, learn from your past romantic mistakes and don't replicate them in the future. In case you need a boost on what not to do, here are the guys you should stop mingling with by the time you're 30.
1. The peter pan mama’s boy
When you were in your 20s, these guys were "young" at their most horrible and "free spirits" ... when they were the hottest in the market. But now that we're all grown up and they're still stuck with chocolates and flowers, things have changed. He has his mommy idealized and like it or not, you will for no reason be able to match up to his set of ridiculous standards. You ought to have to be his main girl -- not next to his mom.
2. The F***boy
There is nothing sadder than a 30-something-year-old ass of a man. He's the chap at the bar who is still hitting on school girls. He's a grown-ass man who is wistful for the magnificence days. He is a bro and he sucks. He seemed smart enough when you met. But now that you're one on one, you can't help noticing that he hardly ever blinks and has no sense of personal space.
3. Mr. All-In
We are talking about the super excited guy, who is always eager to meet you. You believe That's sweet. He follows up this text to find out what you're wearing so he can synchronize. You don't reply and he shoots back another message asking why you're ignoring him. You're picking up your phone to answer and he's already breaking up with you -- he's drained of all the bullshit. But don't be anxious he'll be certain to intoxicated dial you in the not so far-away future to recall the good times ... that you did not have as one.
4. The unenthusiastic Guy
The half-hearted Guy always keeps you on the barrier. He sees you once a week for dates, but never sleeps over. He now and then texts you all day long, and he occasionally goes for weeks without responding. He keeps you involved, but he NEVER makes you his girlfriend.
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