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Children are the sweetest gift of God, but only when they are constantly watched over, as soon as you leave them alone- Whommm! If you don’t believe my words these pictures might help you visualize the better-
1. The smart boy who just white-washed his "Smart Tv"!
2. The bright little lad, who found the best alternative to the bathtub!
3. This cute little guy's dreams are made of jams!
4. The mastermind of this " Super bubbly bath" should be awarded!
5. Well, she is making money out of time or is it the other way around!
6. The badass kid is way too confident for his "Flour" act!
7. Well, you must be having an extra mouse, just in case!
8. He will definitely win the " shiniest kid" award!
9. I guess the dog has given up!
10. God save his parents after seeing this! Does anyone need any house painting advice?
What are your kids doing at home tonight?
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