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Husbands all over the world are simply fed up with one simple problem –wives shopping habits!
Marriages are failing because of two main factor trusts and spending sprees! And for husbands waiting continuously for hours and hours, holding their wives handbag is actually a pain in their ass. But the dilemma is none is going to change- so Global Harbour shopping mall in China came up with a novel solution by installing four glass pods for husbands, who don’t want to to be dragged into every dress trial.
The glass pod is made completely of glass and you can play retro 1990s computer games on super comfy seats! The service is at present free for clients to use while they are being trialed, but this will vary if they stay put a stable fixture in the mall.
According to a statement released by the state-run news site The Paper, each “husband rest cabin" has a chair, monitor, workstation, and gamepad. Billboards in the shopping center have been publicity the pods over the past month, and they have so far proved admired with husbands keen to hang in one place whilst their wives shop.
Some women were worried that they could be left waiting around for their hubby to finish playing a game now, while others said that the devices meant they could shop guilt-free. Whatever, be the case it’s a win-win situation for both of them and an amazing plan.
Its makers say the innovative mini man-caves are a first in China and if the public really loves it, there will be more to come.
Can we have some of them in India too!
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