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16.1 million fans were eagerly waiting for the seventh season with “Drangonstone”. The first episode was rolled on 17th and it was a much awaited one- full of dragons and White Walkers. We see Jon Snow, apparently once again, now as a king of the north. And we hear Littlefinger's advice to Sansa:
"Don't fight in the north, or the south. Fight every battle everywhere. Always. In your mind."
It was a pretty intense episode, it offered up some provoking and often gratifying hints as to how the major players will contrive as winter descends on Westeros. From dangerous new alliances to guest appearance of heartthrob singer Ed Sheeran, we bring you the most surprising moments from Game of Thrones’ Season 7 premiere, stay glued-
Finally Arya Stark is all set to avenge her family, in the last season she got a chance to cross one name off her list, this season she has just slit Walder Frey’s throat in vengeance for the Red Wedding.
The breach scene of the Season 7 premiere showed what looked to be a feast thrown by Walder Frey for his allies. He toasted their success in eliminating Robb Stark, but then warned them that they hadn’t gotten rid of all the Starks. As the Frey men started to suffocate on the poisoned wine they’d consumed, Arya removed her Walder Frey masquerade and turned to speak to his bride.
When people ask you what happened here,” she said steadily, looking out over the massacre, “ Tell them the North remembers. Tell them winter came for House Frey.”
Now that she’s a faceless woman, her dramatic revenge streak likely won’t be over anytime soon.
Seeing Cersei Lannister, after the repercussion of her wildfire attack is alarming, the women she carries the same caliber and rules the 7 kingdoms as the queen. But she is well aware she cannot keep the crown without a little help, so she calls for some new allies.
Enter Euron Greyjoy, the new Lord of the Iron Islands. He landed into King’s Landing knowing full well that the queen and her army need his ships to stand a chance in the battles they’re facing. Moreover, Cersei did not seem exactly dazed, she wasn’t ready to send him away either. Euron is smug and arrogant, but he does have something Cersei needs. Therefore, while a coalition with the Greyjoys may have seemed beneath the queen at one point, the times have changed — and so has her grasp on the kingdom.
Ed Sheeran was fated to make an appearance in the show, as he has sung songs like “ Hands of Gold” and “ Rains of Castamere” for episodes in the past. Seeing him sitting beside a handful of young men is refreshing and there was Arya to make him comfortable.
The most shocking bit of character advance didn’t come from one of Game of Thrones’ major dramatis personae. And in the dominion of “big” series moments, it possibly wouldn’t level that high. But Gregor Clegane’s revelatory stare into the small house hearth marked a big step forward for the character.
He’s a man who’s run from the fire of any kind — who’s, in fact, deserted his revered duties after encountering wildfire. But the Hound’s deep-seated dread took a backseat to inquisitiveness in “Dragonstone.” And as he stared into the flames, he had an image of ice, and the Army of the Dead marching on the Wall.
Now based at the castle, Sam spent most of his time in the Season 7 premiere trying to figure out how the Night’s Watch can perhaps stand a chance against the Army of the Dead. But while serving the library and feeding the prison ward, he had a foreboding that had nothing to do with the undead.
An arm reached out of one of the cells to take hold of him — and it was covered in Greyscale. Then, a raspy tone called out, asking Sam if the Dragon sovereign had landed yet. If that wasn’t enough of a sign for eagle-eyed and eared fans, the shot of the prisoner’s profile incorrigible his character. Jorah Mormont is still living and still waiting for Daenerys. It remains to be seen whether she’ll want something to do with him.
Daenerys Targaryen’s main aspiration has been to return home and regain the Iron Throne, since the first episodes, but now it is taking shape. And at times, it’s seemed like it’s taken everlastingly for her to get going. At the end of Season 6, things were looking up as she at last set cruise toward Westeros.
Given how gradually the Mother of Dragon’s tale has moved, it was shocking to see her land at Dragonstone at the end of the Season 7 premiere. Then, after taking a moment to stare at the throne her ancestors once ruled in, she strong-willed it wasn’t time to rest on her glory. The episode ended with her standing in front of the line of attack board that Stannis Baratheon once mulled over, and asking Tyrion in a composed, serene voice, “Shall we begin?”
Tormund has fallen head over heels for Brienne of Tarth long back. It’s taken a bit longer for the aristocratic fighter to warm to him, though. Their uncomfortable exchanges as their rapport have outspread have been a Game of Thrones highlight. So it was particularly amusing when Brienne became a little bit red when Tormund strolled by whereas she was schooling Podrick. Thus far, the wildling’s affections haven’t been the least bit common. Sure, it wasn’t an enormous plan twist, but it was a startling minute of cheerfulness, and a growth that many fans thought would maybe never come.
Barely an episode of this fantasy series goes by without a moment that causes slack-jawed shock from its viewers. George RR Martin, who wrote novel series on which the drama is based, has a fierce, pitiless approach to storytelling. We just can’t wait for more to come.
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