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If pets don’t eat, it really becomes a big problem, on the other hand, if they start eating a lot then also it becomes a big problem. Meet Meetball, a big fat cat, who just can’t stop eating. Recently she became a parent, and when his humans started giving solid food to his kittens, she took it as an invite to eat more than she should – all at the rate of his children and her puurrfect body shape.
Meatball has adorable kittens, but the problem arises when she started munching their food as well!
She started gaining weight like anything as she started stealing from her children as well.
Then, his owners Daphnie and her husband Koon Wah came up with a bright idea – to do partitions so that Meatball doesn’t get to overeat. And guess what, it actually worked wonders!
In terms of weight control, Meatball [is] still plump and the chubbier out of the four cats.
Meatball was soon irritated and angry but everything is fair if you want to be in shape and healthy!
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