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Marriages are a one-time affair for us (okay, maybe not!) and we eagerly wait for the day to happen, when we are officially mingled with the love of our life. From location to wedding dress, to people to food, we start planning months before the wedding date arrives, to ensure that nothing goes wrong on the most important day of our lives.
But, what would you do if you find amongst bizarre customs that you can’t avoid? Yes, they are really weird, let's get to know about some of them:
Blackening The Bride – Scotland
In some parts of Scotland, there's a tradition to beat the bride & groom, or pelting them with the trash. It is believed that if you can’t withstand this torture together, how would you face other grave problems? To cut short, go to the parlour, put on the white gown, and get pelted with the trash. Like seriously!
Beating The Groom’s Feet –South Korea
The tradition is called ‘Fakara’ in South Korea. After the wedding, before moving out with the bride, friends and family of the groom beat him on his feet by removing shoes and socks in order to make him stronger for his first night. Can’t they give Haldi Doodh like Indians!
Marry A Dog To Get Rid Of The Ghost –India
Dogs are one of those animals believed to have sensation for supernatural power/entities. So, in some parts of India, in order to free the girl possessed with a spirit, she is married to the dog. Lucky dogs, unlucky ghost!
Pay To Dance With The Bride –Poland
This custom has recently originated in the parts of Poland where guests pay to have a dance with the bride. Let’s shake that Tooh!
Father Spitting The Bride – Kenya
In Masai nation of Kenya, bride’s head is shaved, oil is applied and father spits on her before the marriage. It is believed to be a gesture to bring good luck and fortune in bride’s married life.
Let’s Kiss Bride/Bridegroom –Sweden
In Sweden, there’s rather amusing tradition where if the bride or bridegroom is missing, or not at the sight, you could probably kiss the other partner present in the hall. Who else is coming with me to Sweden?
Bride Made Fat –Mauritius
A fat bride is considered a symbol of good health & prosperity in Mauritius. Therefore, brides tend to gain weight before the wedding. Learning something people!
Gifting Whale’s Tooth To Father In Law Before Marriage –Fiji
Gifting Now, this is another weird tradition in Fiji where the bridegroom has to gift the bride’s father with an unusual gift, an ornament carved out of whale’s tooth to show the honour. Start taming Whales in the pool guys!
Wedding At The Graveside –Russia
A gesture to pay tribute to the departed, some weddings happen at the graveyard in Russia.
Crying For 30 Days Before Marriage –China
This tradition is popular amongst Tuija people of China where they start preparing for a wedding by crying 30 days prior to the wedding.
Tell us about more such traditions in the comments section below.
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