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Twitterverse’s much-loved couple External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Swaraj Kaushal have yet proved that they are the best when it comes to destroying trolls!
If you are a religious follower of Twitter and often becomes a troller, then you must be well versed with Sushma Swaraj and her quite approachable attitude. And it’s harmless to say that no other minister brush soldier with her level of wit and humour. Her tweets often amuse and entertain the Twitterati.
But this time, we got amused by her husband Swaraj Kausal’s twitter reply, who was at his best. A random guy casually decided to ask Governor Swaraj how much money his wife makes!
Swaraj Kausal’s answer just proved that he is as cool as his wife!
Then he thought of making the air a little more hilarious!
People all over the internet loved his reply and couldn’t resist themselves gushing over the sweet reply-
This is not for the first time Governor Swaraj has made heads turn with his Twitter replies, there have been many instances and it always tingles our funny bone-
His ‘cute’ tweet definitely won many hearts!
Swaraj Kaushal is a senior advocate in the Supreme Court and was one of the youngest people to be appointed the Governor of a state in India when he became the Governor of Mizoram at the age of 37.
Once someone thought of trolling him, instead his reply was quite apt and amusing!
It seems Swaraj Kaushal has the just the thing reply for almost everyone on Twitter. Keep 'em tweets coming!
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