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Bollywwod celebs+ drama+ nakhre= emojis!
Our Bollywood celebs are full drama and tantrums and their facial expression is so funny at times, that they can make you go LOL to the power 10. Check out the amazing results here-
1. Snubbing the haters!
2. OMG!
3. Tashan mein rehenka!
4. Ewww..why this?
5. Yeh kya keh Diya Maine?
6. Should I cut or get it trimmed?
7. Yeh Lo!
9.Did you eat my chicken biryani?
10. Shit, did I just said that!
11. Uff! Naak mein dum kar diya hai!
12. O M G Yeh kya bol rahe ho!?
13. Let's Nacho!
Can we have these celebrities faces instead of emojis, please?
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