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At the two-day G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, world leaders were busy in discussions and debates on several topics, so were Netizens. Twitter users were trying to comprehend everything particularly the moments, handshakes and responses among the world leaders.
Be it Angela Merkel’s eye roll, or Donald Trump's photo, Twitterati make everything hilarious. And it is not just Twitterati from the West were interested in global leaders but Indian Twitterati seem to be perfect while writing humorous and sarcastic captioning. These photos have become butt of a lot of jokes primarily because of their facial expressions.
The most interesting and hilarious thing about these photos is many twitter users failed to realise that one of the pictures was fake! In the actual photo, Putin was not present and one user pointed it was photoshopped by Russian press. The actual photo has been captured by the Associated Press (above) that depicts the chair belonged to Theresa May.
Sample these.
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