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The Baahubali of Indian cricket team M.S. Dhoni turns 36 today and he is just getting better with the time, just like a wine. Born on July 7 in 1981, in Ranchi he has been one of the most victorious skippers in the history of cricket, winning all the three ICC Trophies (50-over World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy and World T20).
One thing Dhoni has always believed in is staying true to himself. Mahi does what Mahi wants! Often called as a lucky captain, he was never bull-headed about his ambitions. His closest friend Yuvraj Singh wished him a special birthday message on Twitter and it was the sweetest thing to see on the internet today!
How can you praise someone as strong and lovable like Dhoni?
Actually, you cannot. His stature grows 10-fold everytime he bats and fields for India- a place where cricket is equated to religion. But the big question is- How does he keep himself so cool and calm? What goes on his head? How does he see cricket? Here we are (just trying) to decode Dhoni, the man of the hour!
1. From ticket collector to trophy collector, M.S Dhoni is an inspiration for everyone. His take on handling hopes of over 1.2 billion will blow you-
2. On being asked about his next goal, after scaling all possible peaks as a captain.
3. On his helplessness to do anything about India's failing lower order batting.
4. On how he deals with unwanted people
5. Being true and straightforward to his wife also!
6. On pleasing the crowd and making them ga-ga over him.
7. At the end of a four-month tour of Australia.
8. My personal favourite words from Dhoni is, once during Champions Trophy triumph, when only rain was expected to save India from losing , he said -
and he successfully won without the rain gods!
When Bowlers Fail; Magician Dhoni Strikes!
That’s Dhoni for you. All hail before MS Dhoni the player, the captain, the match-winner! Happy Birthday Mahi!
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