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A company’s logo plays an important role to promote the company’s branding. A logo of a company after a due course of time becomes the unique selling proposition of an organisation that eventually helps the company for marketing purposes. However, with time and the ever-changing behaviour of consumers, several companies have changed their logos to stay ahead of the competition.
Here are some of the world’s most popular logos, and the difference between how they look now and how they looked in the beginning. Check them out!
1. Microsoft
Microsoft released their first logo in 1992 and it remained the same until Windows XP was released in 2001.
2. Apple
Apple created the first logo in 1976 and then changed it in the same year. The company further simplified it in 2000 and since then the apple logo has been recognized as a monochrome apple.
3. Coca Cola
Coca Cola one of the oldest company released their first logo in 1886. The name appeared in black font. In the late 1960s the company changed the logo color to Red.
4. Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox was originally called a phoenix but for legal reasons, the name was changed to Firefox and the company changed their logo too to have a global appeal.
5. Lego
Lego has also changed the design of their logo over the years. From simply blank fonts italicize to a red background, now the name appears in white fonts against a bright red backdrop.
6. Ford
The Ford logo has undergone various modifications throughout the years since 1903. However, it is considered as one of the greatest and most memorable car logos ever created.
7. Pepsi
Pepsi’s original logo appeared as red script on white. However, the company changed the redesigned their logo in 1950. Since 2011, Pepsi’s logo stands alone in the striped circle.
8. Toyota
Toyota introduced their first oval shaped logo in the year 1989 and it was spelled as “Toyada.” The first logo used on the Toyota Celsior – a model sold in Japan.
9. Starbucks
Starbucks logo design has contributed hugely in the company’s success worldwide. The first logo was introduced in 1971 and it has also gone several modifications since then. Starbucks logo again redesigned their logo in the year 2011 and it continues till date.
10. Burger King
The Burger King logo unveiled their first logo in 1967, and is regarded as one of the iconic logos ever created. The company has also redesigned their logo comprises of two halves of a bun with the company’s name featured in the center.
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