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Oh, God!! It’s That darn Monday again!! Even the bravest of heart finds itself burdened with immense pain on Monday morning. Mondays officially suck. It’s proven. Sadist Monday returns in our life shamelessly, making a mockery of our life.
But here we are, to offer you 7 things to do on Mondays, which can save your ass-
1. Pretend you are working NON STOP. Open the damn system of yours and do things, which gives you immense joy, May it be online shopping or stalking on your boyfriend!
2. Sundays and Saturdays and passé, plan your cheat day on Mondays. There is nothing in this world which can give you as much joy as FOOD, order desserts, cakes or that extra large cheese pizza you have been thought of indulging for since a long time.
3. Well, nobody ever told you that one can’t drink on Mondays. In fact, Mondays and peg go hand in hand. Open that goddamn bottle of scotch you have been hiding in since last Saturday.
4. Anyone wants coffee shots? A coffee mug can hold your feelings just like a nice boyfriend!
5. Find out what other people are doing today? Are they busy on their so-called-important meeting or just chillaxing at home?
6. And if suddenly your boss shuns you for being too lazy- tell him the truth!
7. And make sure, you dance with joy as soon as this cursed day is over!
If still, it’s not working then here’s some Mindful “Monday” Tips:
If you share the same feeling, then welcome to the club! And together we can Just suck it up!
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