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Generally, in India, we use some gestures to show our interest or convey some messages. Just like when you meet someone we shake hand to welcome him and give flowers to our dear ones to show our love towards them. But the same gestures can put you in trouble in other countries if you don’t know that gestures are used for different meanings in different countries.
Here are 6 signs which are used for completely different reasons in other countries.
Yes, you read right. I know in India people are using it as the ‘best of luck’ or ‘perfectness’ sign but in Iran, the person will surely punch you hard to whom you show the sign as it means you’re showing the middle finger to that person.
‘V’ or the peace gesture is used in India as a Peace Maker. If you want peace or want to show that you are cool with a person then this is the perfect sign but in England, you’re meaning ‘F***’ with the same gesture. Don’t dare to use it if you love your life.
Don’t dare to shake hand with anyone in Saudi Arabia as it means you want him in your bed or you want to sleep with the person. Sometimes it’s better to forget our Indian culture for our safety.
Can you imagine that giving flowers to someone can put you in trouble? In India we can’t even imagine it as it’s the symbol of love and giving flowers to someone means you're showing your love to the person. But it’s not same in Russia. They give flowers only to a dead and giving flowers to a living person means you have declared the person as dead. Can you imagine the expression of the flower receivers?
Oh! You’re looking beautiful and you just show the fantastic gesture to the woman. And in a second her expression changed and she started shouting on you. You don’t understand a single word of her as you’re in Brazil and you don’t know the local language. That’s why you don’t realise that you just showed her the ‘a**hole’ gesture, in India which means beautiful.
The high five sign is usually used to say ‘Hi’ in some countries but in Africa, it doesn't have the same meaning. If you show them the Hi-Fi sign trust me they’ll break your bones as it means you’re saying something dirty to them.
Tourist Guide Books are not so useless, as you think; it can save your life friend!
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