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Confused what you will do with your wedding dress after your marriage event. The expensive designer wedding dress in which you spent your 2 month’s salary just to look fab on your wedding day and you did. But after marriage, you realise that you can’t wear it again and it will be stored for the lifetime in your wardrobe.
Every bride faces this situation when they don’t know what to do with their wedding dress. But now some bakeries are coming with an idea of creatively unique wedding dresses.
Bakery ? Yes, you heard right I’m talking about the bakery and I’m not kidding.
Look at this wedding dress…
UK-based cake designer Emma Jayne made this beautiful wedding dress to save your wedding budget. Confused how this wedding dress can save your money. is the surprise …this wedding dress is actually made of cake so you can wear it and also eat it. Surprised na!
Emma was inspired by a wedding dress created by Mak Tumang. She tried to this cake dress exactly like the real one and she did it all by hands. You can see that her hard works result is quite tasteful.
Original Dress:
But this is not the first bakery who tried to do something new there are others too.
This wedding dress is not made of silk or cotton or any kind of clothing material. Award-winning cake sculptor Sylvia Elba made this 5’5, 150-pound wedding dress and it takes 300 hours to complete it.
You can see that each and every design is perfectly done. She used fondant, wafer paper and cake lace to make it. She also used some old lace designed to decorate it. So stop worrying about post-marriage celebration cake’s arrangement. Surprise your guests with this dress wedding cake.
"I always liked wedding dresses, and this is how the idea came to my mind," Sylvia Elba said.
# Juan Manuel Barrientos knows how much girls like candies and Champaign. Keeping this in mind he created two extremely tasty edible wedding dresses which are beautiful too.
Creation of this Colombian young chef also showcased in the Colombiatex fashion show in Medellin. He used sugar-glazed rose petals and champagne cloth to make these dresses.
Apart from this there are also edible flower bouquets and a box of accessories like neckpiece, earrings, bracelets and rings come with your unique dress to give you more surprise.
Now you can select your wedding dress and cake at the same time. Take your time dear!
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