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The people of Lake Bunyonyi, Africa is following a tradition for years. They call it Punishment Island. As per the tradition when any unmarried girl falls pregnant before marriage.
Yes, in Bakiga society pregnancy before marriage is a crime and the girls are left abandoned on an empty island in between the river without any food or survival things.
The reason behind this cruel law is if any girl gets pregnant before marriage than her value for marriage comes down and the parents will not get any dowry from the groom. They will hardly find any groom for the girl and without any future benefit; they don’t want to waste their time and money for the girl.
There is no food or anything on the island where they leave the pregnant girl to die. There they have to struggle alone to live otherwise they will die of hunger. Most of them can’t make it.
From the Bakiga Society if any man doesn't have enough money to give a dowry for his marriage then they come to the punishment islands to pick up a girl for marriage. If any girl still survives until any man comes to rescue her than she is lucky otherwise they know what their destiny is.
Many missionaries and society welfare tired to change the mind set up of the people of Bakiza but it’s really tough to stop a tradition which is followed by years.
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