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It’s just a few years that people around the world are accepting live-in-relationship and gender equality. But you’ll be shocked to know that these things are not sudden born changes, people from some tribes and community are following these customs from years. Yes, most of them are the tribal community but they are far modern than us.
Mardiyah prays at Sex Mountain, in the hope that the ritual will help provide money
Will you ever have sex with a stranger to bring happiness to your family? Strange question right but people from Indonesia celebrate a custom event seven times in a year to make their life successful. During this even men have to climb up a sacred mountain on the java island. After climbing they have to find a partner and have sex with them, but the strange part is they can’t have sex with their wife or husband. It should be someone other. The people believe that it will bring prosperity and success to their life if they have sex 7 times with the same person.
Northwestern Europe And Colonial America
To make the teenagers prepare for sex and for adulthood parents from North-Western Europe and Colonial America let a boy and a girl sleep in the same bed. But they can’t touch each other as both of them are wrapped in separate blankets. It means that they can’t have sex but intimacy is allowed. I think they will also learn about how to control your feelings.
Aboriginal communities in Australia
Aboriginal community people worshipped Kananija, as they believe it as a spirit of sex. They also held a ceremony in respect of their sex god where they exchange their wife with others wife and marry her with all ritual and customs. Man will never complain about their wife’s nagging nature in this community.
Eastern Africa and Peruvian Indians
What you will do to prevent your children from pre-martial sex. Maybe you’ll speak to them about it, about its negativity and it’s after effects. But do you ever think about to seal their private parts so they will never have intercourse before marriage? In our modern lifestyle, we can’t even think about it but a tribe of Eastern Africa and Peruvian Indians are doing this from rituals. They sew and clasp together the labia majora and leave a small portion for urine, they call it infibulations. How painful it is.
A tribe in Ghana is following a strange custom for a widow. When someone’s husband dies the wife of the man have to spend the death’s night with a stranger as they believe it will cleanse her from her dead husband’s soul.
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