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Only in Disney movies, we have seen fishes befriend humans, but you will be amazed to see a living example of this rare friendship amongst us. Hiroyuki Arakawa a Japanese driver is maintaining a friendship with a local fish named Yoriko since 25 years.
Their rare relationship was captured on a viral video, in which we see Arakawa’s custom of welcoming the fishie with a kiss.
Meet Yoriko, best friend of Hiroyuki, and they have remained so since 25 long years. The kiss is the best way to greet your friend, and Yoriko never forgets to give one!
Their first bump into each other when Arakawa got entrusted to look after an undersea Shinto shrine. Over the decades, their companionship only grew stronger, and this is incredible and first of its kind story!
Humanity at its finest.. Give love and receive love.
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