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Take stand. Because it’s high time and we also realize the fact. We are here to tell you how to handle difficult people right from money sucking vampires to drama queens.
Relationships are always a power exchange. Difficult people can suck the liveliness right out of you. To successfully learn how to deal with difficult people, you must be logical. Your approach is important, but for starters here’s are some people whom you should avoid as much as possible-
1. The Drama Queen
They’re the vampires who suck your energy (though they can be male or female). They have a breathy flair for exaggerating minor incidents and make them into off-the-charts dramas. Life for them is always intense, either terribly good or awful They fritter life flitting from catastrophe to disaster, keyed up by confusion. Dramatics is their middle name. The roller-coaster tricks of a drama queen can put you on a burden, and wipe you out.
Self-protection tips: Setting limits will control in drama queens' affecting extravaganza. These vampires don't get mileage out of calmness; they only win if they achieve something in jangling you.
To keep your peaceful, the instant you sense a drama queen revving up, take a slow, deep breath to center yourself. Then keep the focus on your breath. Let your breath let go anxiety and ground you.
2. The Passive-Aggressive Person
These character type’s state annoyance with a grin or overstated concern but always keep up their cool. They are gurus at sugar-coating aggression. They often use procrastination or the infuriating reason of "I forgot" to shun commitment. They don't give direct answers. These people are maddening because of their childlike or seductive veneers. They emerge keen to please but know precisely how to make you crazy.
Self-protection tips: If their mixed memo feels puzzling or underhanded, have belief your instinct. Address the behavior face-to-face: "I don't value that you brought me pizza when you know I'm trying to diet." Being specific with passive-aggressive people pins them down.
3. The Narcissist
These vampires have an exaggerated sense of self-importance and power and crave attention and everlasting praise. Some narcissists are hateful egomaniacs, but others are attractive, clever, and masterful seducers. If you're in need or weak, they love being your white knight to save the day.
Narcissists know how to play you like a swindle so that you become smitten with them. However, once your respect stops or you dare to differ, they turn on you by becoming detached, grueling, jealous, or passive-aggressive.
Self-protection tips: Because they assess control and authority over love, don't trick yourself into thoughts you can get a narcissist to truly care about you. Keep your prospect sensible.
4. The Fixer-Upper
This vampire is like a fixer-upper house that demands nonstop care. Their conundrum is nonstop, and her dictatorial neediness lures you in and takes you for all the energy you’re worth.
Self–protection tips: If you’re vulnerable to fixer-uppers, try to appreciate what chains you in so you don’t go over this going-nowhere blueprint.
5. The Guilt Tripper
These types are world-class blamers, martyrs, and drama queens. They know how to make you feel bad about something by pressing your insecurity buttons.
Self-protection Tips: If you want to become skilled at how to deal with tricky people that guiltiness trip you, let go of the notion that you have to be perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. If you actually do feel culpable, find a personal place and let yourself cry. You can also reply with a positive statement such as, “I can see your point of outlook. But when you say X or Y, my belief is damaged. I’d be thankful if you didn’t keep repeating it.”
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