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Do these words fascinate you enough to create your dream home? Well, you can take inspiration from this Californian woman, because her way of creating a wonderland is one of its kinds.
A California woman is living in a Wizard of Oz world, exactly!
Amina Mucciolo has sincerely bewildered the hell out of us by creating the flower wall in her living room with pieces she'd seen at movies. Then she put the complete thing together by hand. Now that's artistic!
Amina is a creative genius, in spite of the fact that she bought a few of the furniture pieces.
The sofa and seats are all stores bought, but she's an expert at customizing things, which she glamorized with colourful cabinets.
At first, she was very nervy about splattering paint on the wall.
Her best friend and her husband Salvatore weren't exactly excited about the design when she first told them about it, but Amina was sure to follow her instincts and it worked better than she thought.
It was not easy to turn the 750 square foot loft into a dreamy world of colours.
Amina, who is also the furnishings designer behind the all-things-rainbow brand Studio Mucci has wowed thousands of social media followers on Instagram by turning the interior of her home in a multihued themed haven.
Her drawing room has been streaked with every color under the rainbow.
There are hundreds of colorful paper cranes, and Amina even added a multicolor rug on the flooring that is simply fanciful.
To say that her creative vision was dazzling would be an irony.
She hung paper cranes from her ceiling to go with the spring theme of the living room, and she was stirred by the fact that she always felt like there were birds flying around her head.
Had she not added her DIY touch, her kitchen would have been oh-so-basic.
Her kitchen, in fact, started out as an essential black nook, but Amina roofed all the cabinets in bright washi ribbon. She even used a leaf of blue sky pattern on her dishwasher to add that extra vivacity!
Unlike some designers, Amina didn't hire anyone else to fashion this transformation.
The 34-year-old completely repaint every square inch of her downtown L.A. loft apartment, which she calls "Cloudland." Just looking at her bedroom alone, you want to bang on her door and ask if you can take a nap there.
Her bedroom has no natural light to it, and that's on purpose.
She also knew that if you can't find a space for something, make one, so she put her fun novelty bags, which she had no space for at first, on display on her wall. Now that's elegant.
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