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Life is full of uncertainties. Not everyone is able to fulfill his dreams that he or she had dreamt of being as children. A Mumbai student, Deeksha Rathore in a college photography project named Dreamcatcher in a series of 12 beautiful pictures highlighted the contrast between an individual's current and childhood dream job.
“The inspiration for this project struck me on one of the several occasions, my mother has counselled me, as I have panicked about my future. So I decided to capture this to the best of my ability by talking to people in various professions and asking them what they wanted to do when they were children,” wrote Deeksha Rathore in her Facebook Post. “What made the entire process even more fulfilling was the overwhelming response I got from some of them. The mere act of pulling out an army jacket, or an air hostess badge evoked so many emotions. It gave them a chance to experience what could have been, even if only for a moment,” she added.
An air hostess who wanted to be musician
A sabzi wala who dreamt of being a chef, one day
A mithai maker who thought to be a fashion designer
A doctor who dreamt of becoming a cricketer
A juice wala who wanted to serve in Indian Army
A bartender who also wanted to do some big business deals
A jeweller who dreamt of joining Air Force, one day
A bai who always wanted to excel as a dancer
A cobbler who aspired to be a true cop
Autowala had his talents in artist making
A salesman who had an immense passion for carrom
A paanwala who wanted to be a security personnel
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