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A traveller leaves a part of his soul, while travelling to the picturesque destinations in Shillong. The rain god must be too pleased with Shillong, as the journey can take you on a rendezvous with the clouds.
The rain literally brings everything to a stop, or at-least slows down the world around you. A drastic drop of velocity hits the speedometer of all cars. Visibility can suddenly go to minimum or zero. Even the wipers of a car are of no use when hit with so much rain. Instead, the driver had to stop the car and get down to clean the front glass every other time. It will give you immense pleasure to watch machines fail and human cells achieve.
The wettest place on Earth isn’t too far away from Shillong. The place blooms like a fresh flower in rainy season, the tender cold breezes will make their presence feel and delicate drops from a very slow-paced drizzle will reassure your faith in God and nature. You will fell hopeful; to see trees and not concrete, and cleanness, which can be contagious.
The destination Shillong, a hill station of beauty, offers you enchanting beauty, which will make you fall in love with it.
For many people in Assam, Meghalaya is their journey end to escape the heat of the plains. Maybe because it just takes a couple of hours drive on good roads to reach Shillong and afar. It just takes you decent 2 hours to escape Assam, and then, all of a sudden, you will find yourself surrounded by hills.
The hills will get higher but you can actually fell the elevation. It felt more like being on upland. The tender drizzle can suddenly turn into heavy rainfall; more like a blitzkrieg.
Between nature and machine, your driver may look like a loser. The rain Gods makes all effort to interrupt the movement of cars, but still, you can find a jugaar. You won’t believe your eyes when your local driver will take you tobacco to get some relief from the salvage rain. Glasses of cars are rubbed with tobacco, as it helps to clear extreme moisture. So, don’t forget to carry extra cigarettes, in case you need some.
Man, this place hardly exists on the map and there are all so many breathtaking places, that you will ever find anywhere in the world. Their simplicity will touch your heart. The places literally breathe a new life in monsoons, and at last, you will end up giving a bit of you to the city, rather taking away anything from here!
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