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Few days after China renamed six places in Arunachal Pradesh on its official map in response to Dalai Lama’s visit to India’s easternmost state, people took to Twitter to vent out their against Chain’s stand and stated they have no right over it.
“China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs announced on April 14 that it had standardised in Chinese characters, Tibetan and Roman alphabet the names of six places in ‘South Tibet’, which India calls ‘Arunachal Pradesh’, in accordance with the regulations of the central government,” state-run Global Times had reported.
People on social media claimed Arunachal Pradesh is an integral part of India and china should refrain of indulging in our country’s internal matters. Though there has been no response from Indian government so far, people even stated India too should rename Tibet and other places of China.
Here’s how people reacted on Twitter
It led a huge outrage on social media
India should also rename their areas
Didn't china know 'Arunachal Pradesh is an integral part of India.'
Who the hell is China?
Let India also renames the neighbouring country areas
Modi should change their strategy
"The official names of the six places using the Roman alphabet are Wo'gyainling, Mila Ri, Qoidengarbo Ri, Mainquka, Bumo La and Namkapub Ri".
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