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Sehwag is a leading contender for Indian cricket team coach, but his witty comments always make the news. He has a reputation for being funny in a simplistic, refreshing way, and we can find lots of such examples from Sehwag’s Twitter activities. For example-
Some days back, this famous dialogue “ Baap Baap Hota Hai” was trending, but actually, this was also a brainchild of Viru Paaji.
The story goes like this, Sehwag was batting on a score close to 200 with Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar on strike, and it was a match against Pakistan. Shoaib Akhtar was peppering Virender Sehwag with short Pitch deliveries and then went on to challenge him to hook them. Sehwag said that Shoaib Akhtar, the Pakistan speedster, kept banging it short and provoking him to play the hook shot.
After every ball to Sehwag, Shoaib comes up to him and say
This frustrated Sehwag and he replied-
To which even Pakistani fielders could not hold their laughter back.
After an over Sehwag realized Shoaib Akhtar is going to stick with this tactic, so he went to Shoaib and said,
The baap in the non-striker end was Sachin. Shoaib later bowled a similar bouncer to Sachin, and Sachin hit a sixer. After the six, Sehwag walks up to Akthar and said,
Virender Sehwag was at his candid best while sharing the stage with Shahrukh Khan at an award function. At the same time records do not support Sehwag’s version, however, it makes a good story.
Diplomacy is not Virender Sehwag’s specialty. Sehwag has time and again made outrageous statements, which other cricketers wouldn’t dare.
His approach to life is as straightforward as his batting — down-to-earth and outrageous. He is jaw-droppingly frank nature can prove an important criterion if he is selected as a coach.
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