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You must have heard “Neki kar Daariyan mein Daal”, but with this modern concept of the wall of kindness, you can just hang things, which you no longer require and borrow from there or vice versa.
It is a success story, which first started in Iran, but soon inspired India because of such a humble concept.
These walls of kindness are now being opened up across the towns and cities of North India including Hyderabad, Bhilwara, three in Jaipur, Allahabad and Noida. Also known as, ‘Neki ki Deewar’, the walls are skilfully painted and often cleaned. People, who do not need a set of clothes, or other handy items, can leave them on these hangers attached on the wall of kindness, and the needy can take whatever they want. Apart from clothes, citizens are also depositing books, toys and footwear. The official motto is “Take what you need. Leave what you don’t.”
If you are living in Noida, you can locate this Neeki ke Dewaar near gate number 7 in sector 21.
Next time, don't use walls around your city to spit and throw garbage at, but use it in a good way and help the poor by showing such kind gestures.
Instead of making a wall of hatred around, let’s enlighten ourselves to build a wall of happiness. Cheers to the novel idea
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