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The ego tussles sometimes cost us a ton, and the latest example is a cold war between Anil Kumble and Virat Kohli. Just a few days ago, Virat Kohli was treated as a god in the minds of the Indian public. He was winning games for India with flamboyance and swagger.
But things took an awful turn just when India lost in Champions Trophy against Pakistan and ultimately Anil Kumble stepped down from Indian cricket team coach position.
But was it right for Anil Kumble to step down at such a crucial time?
The whole world knows what a winner Kumble was on the cricket field. Everyone knows how ardent he was for the game and that he was one of Indian cricket’s greatest match winners yet.
The world cannot forget when Anil Kumble played against West Indies test match 2002, with a nasty broken jaw.
The match was drawn, it was never to be won or lose to start with. But, Anil Kumble won hearts. Ratra was man of the match, but for me, he was man of the game. He played the whole match with vigour and then flew back to India for jaw surgery the next day with a smile on face.
Upon asked by the media about the heroics incident he humbly quoted-
Bottom line: He is a well-matured cricketer who has already proved his mettle, with ample experiences, he has 0 ego, he has been a team player, he has been a motivation.
Even Twitteratis couldn’t keep calm, as soon as the new broke off-
Former Indian caption Sunil Gavaskar also slammed Virat Kohli,
The fans urged Virat Kohli, to share his side of story-
We still don’t know who will be filling his shoe, but just hope to get a replacement, who can take India in victorious direction.
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