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More and more celebrities are opening up about the rise of crimes against women in India. The Gangs of Wasseypur actor Richa Chadda recently shared a thought provoking post on social media wherein she emphasized what does it take to be a gentleman?
Chadda began her letter, ‘To the Gentlemen of our nation’ and hoping they would understand the real meaning of gentleman. She has also shared the video of Virat Kohli in the end and giving him a reference of a true gentleman.
Here is Chadda's open letter
“You are on a verge of extinction. Yes! You read that right. You might choose to not agree with me, but that doesn’t really change the situation as it is.
Every time I read about a woman getting molested or raped in any part of our nation, I wonder if the man-kind was ever introduced to the concept of ‘Being A Gentleman’ that we grew up reading about in literature.
Of course, many of you who might be reading this, might argue why do you need a gentleman? You are absolutely right. Why should we? After all, we are living in time where we are told that men & women are equal. There’s no gender discrimination. No sexism. Nothing! Yet, there’s no drop in crime against women. Be it Gurugram or Bengaluru, women aren’t safe anywhere. Every time, a woman gets kidnapped up by a bunch of goons from road or getting molested in Metro, while returning from work, a gentleman chooses to overlook it. Why? Because that’s not what they are supposed to do. It is someone else’s duty. Someone else’s job.
This brings us to the next important question – What makes a man – “a gentleman”? For me, a gentleman is one who stands up for what he believes in. He is the one who knows how to behave with ladies. He is the one who understands the fine line between discussion & debate. He is the one who lets his woman choose.
Look at Virat Kohli, Captain of Indian Cricket Team. Cricket, is essentially, a gentleman’s game. And Virat Kohli, in true sense, is living upto it. When world was spewing venom against his woman, blaming her for his poor performance on field, this man, without caring about anything, jumped to her defence. That’s a mark of a true gentleman!
Unfortunately, many men who idolize him, worship him for his attitude on & off field, don’t think twice before offending a woman.
Why can’t more men emulate Virat Kohli? Is it too much to ask for?
Times are changing. And it’s only fair that men, in general, change their behaviour towards women. And learn to respect them! For real. Like a true gentleman is supposed to be.”
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