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To all the chicken cuisines lovers and chicken dish explorers- Here’s presenting one more dish, which is a Mughlai cuisine named “CHICKEN BURRA”, that you should try if you are living in Delhi or if you visit Delhi,Perfect dish with both the options- with gravy or without gravy. This article focuses on both kind of creatures i.e. the one who have lazy ass, not in a mode to go out and the one who always shows spark towards different things and want to explore more. So,Let’s take a look at the recipe of this YUMMY chicken first and after that check out the list of places where you can find both types of “Chicken Burra”.
Method for: -Without gravy: -• Marinate the chicken with ginger, garlic, red chilly powder, salt, for 10 minutes.• For the second marinade, add chilly powder, oil, salt, clove powder and cinnamon powder to beaten curd.• Add the masala paste made with green chilly, brown onion and coriander stalk to the curd mixture.• Add olive oil or any oil mixed with red chilly for color. Marinate the chicken again.• Put the chicken on the skewers and cook in a moderately heated oven or tandoor.• Before the chicken is almost done, pour olive oil or butter on top of the pieces and reheat them again in the oven.With gravy: -• After whole process of making it without gravy, lets create gravy.• Add curd + cream + spices in a bowl.• Now melt the butter in another pan.• When butter get totally melted than add all the three things in a bowl i.e. Roosted chicken + melted butter + Curd and Cream mixture.• Garnish it with some more cream.
Now top 4 places where you can find best chicken burra in Delhi: -
1) “Ya Allah Chala De Hotel”
Jama Masjid Delhi-6
2) “Aslam Chicken Centre”
Jama Masjid Delhi-6
3) “AL-Umar Chicken point”
Zakir nagar Delhi-25
4) “AL – Yameen chicken centre”
Jafrabad, Trans-Yamuna , Delhi-53
All the non-veg lovers must go and explore these places and if you are a lazy ass then try the recipe at your home and chill.
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