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Being a woman is something that needs a lot of courage and will power be it handling the internal areas like on those days or having the pregnancy days. Its even tough on handling the other responsibilities as well. And specially when it comes to choose your perfect bra, there are certain specifications in our mind like the right size, colour etc. But we mainly look up on how fancy and lacy the bra looks in all the ways. Well ladies grow up! Read this write up to know what can affect you if you wear the wrong sized bra.
1) It can cause sagging breast
Who doesn’t want a beautiful breast arc with the right shape and size. But if you wear the incorrect bra,it makes your breast heavier and shapeless.
2) It may give birth to breast cancer
Normally if you wear tight bra, it can block your blood flow and give rise to this deadly disease so be very careful!
3) There can be lumps on your breast
It is a part of skin disease which eventually increases as you wear a tight bra especially in the summers due to sweat and other unwanted dust particles.
4) It can cause back pain
At times people have heavy breast size and are unable to handle the pressure on the shoulders which leads to back pain very slowly.
So these were some of the side effects of wearing a tight tuffed bra,be conscious with your inner!
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