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Burning sandalwood incense sticks plays a very important role in religious practices and other special ritualistic preparations. But other than this, it can be a great health healer in many ways. It is widely used due to its dewy fragrance which is made from the tree santalum. Now lets see some of the other necessary advantages of this precious stuff.
1) It lowers blood pressure
Sandalwood’s strong aroma is believed to lower blood pressure and makes your body calm down especially if you are feeling stressed out.
2) It heals wound
Sandalwood is said to heal wound with its medicated property. It has certain olfactory receptors that gives great cooling and cures any sort of bruise.
3) It acts as a natural room freshener
This is a quick room freshener with good fragrance by keeping you away from the bad filthy odour giving the entire environment a touch of bliss and freshness.
4) Provides good sleep
Sleep is an essential part of every person’s routine and a sandalwood scent fulfills that as well. It also gives out a good relaxation in the aroma therapy process
An incense stick can add an incredible elegance to your everyday by refreshing your inner!
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