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Well, these are some of the new terminology, which is used to define how female dresses these days. Trollers from all over- Twitter or Facebook is mushrooming from all over the world, to slam women? But the question is why only women?
See some latest examples-
1- Deepika was body slammed for her Maxim photoshoot
Deepika Padukone recently did a photo shoot with International Men's Magazine MAXIM after she was affirmed the 'Hottest Woman Of The Year 2017' in a poll held across the world.
After featuring on the cover of the Magazine's June-July issue, Deepika decided to post one of the pictures from her photoshoot on Instagram, and that’s when all hell broke loose.
She was trolled for wearing the dress, which was not tasteful according to certain class of people.
Deepika Padukone handled these trolls like a boss; she posted another picture on her Insta account without bothering about what people commented. She gave it back to the haters in a silent way…
2. Pee Cee slammed for wearing a beautiful skirt while meeting PM
Priyanka Chopra was wearing a very pretty dress while meeting our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The actress was seen donning a one piece dress for meeting PM Modi.
Soon PeeCee invited a mourn of trolls criticizing the actress for wearing such a dress in front of such a senior leader. Micro-blogging site Twitter was flooded with tweets condemning PeeCee's attire.
But Priyanka had the most befitting reply to the trolls-
3. Dangal girl Fatima was trolled for wearing a short dress on Ramadan!
Seriously! Dude
Like any celebrity Fatima loves vacation, and she loves to share her pictures on Instagram ( just like any other girl).
Fatima posted some stunning photographs from her beach vacay and it didn't really go down too well with people who make a fuss of in moral policing and trolling people.
But we say, more power to you girl!
What is coming in your mind after reading all these? What would we do without all these “sanskaari” trolls in our life, right? Well, just brush them off!
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