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If you are wearing a jewellery from a long time and suddenly your jewellery breaks what will be your inner feeling?
A: Something bad will happen to me
B: I feel so sad
C: It happens normally
D: I will buy a new jewellery
Which of the following weather you hate?
A: Rainy day
B: Sunshine
C: Windy day
D: any weather is ok
If you look at a pet dog on the way?
A: No i will never touch it
B: It depends on my mood
C: I don't know
D: Sure i will touch it
Are you curious about the culture of other countries?
A: No, i am not
B: Sometimes
C: I don't know
D: Sure i am
Which romantic situation you would choose to meet your first love?
A: Rainy day encounter at bus station
B: The metaphor of the subway
C: Watching a romantic movie in cinema Hall
D: Running in the morning
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