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“GHOST” “WITCH” “DRACULA” etc. If you think that they are real than yes it may have possibilities but how they exactly look like is a problematic question because according to our Bollywood ghost are not at all look like ghost. Bollywood always copied many scenes character from the pathetic copied makeup and dresses from Hollywood ghost but how badly they copied just have look at our Scariest or you can say “funniest” ghost of all time.
"RED EYES HYPNOTISE TERI KARDI HAI MAINU"So this is the 3rd class pirated version of European Dracula. Somebody tell Bollywood that High collar of long coat not justify the Dracula. Please Lord save us.
Oh my God, how can one get scared of this creepy RED ghost? I guess Bollywood seriously need some good-looking Ghost that at least has a potential to scare us!
Bollywood have it's own kind of king Kong & half human beast. Look at his face how he can scare people are you kidding me!
4) " Mr. Frooti& Miss. Appy"
It's a scene of a recent Bollywood movie. Can you ever imagine that ghost look's like that. Both the ghost met with an accident so they become ghost. “Oh my Lord make me strong enough to bear them on screen”.
5) "Pappi Gudiya"
Just look at her, is she really look like "Annabelle"? Ok....lemme think NO, not at all. How one can get scared with this cute doll and How can our Indian director act so stupidly?
Warning: - Don’t read this post at mid night but oops warning must be kept at the top so sorry :D
For more scary updates Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP!
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