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Being pregnant or an expecting mother makes you more responsible and at the same time gives you a clear vision over things that are related to your baby. Its a feeling that is so special and beautiful. Every now and then a mother takes special care of the little one in the most apt way.But over here we are about to explain about the moments that are to be cherished by the would be mother and father both.So lets see what can add a healthy effect to the expecting mother in this short piece of write up.
1) It improves orgasm
Basically during pregnancy, it’s a bit tough to have a proper sexual pleasure but if you do it in the right way it can be as best as possible, because the blood flow is more at this point of time.
2) It improves the immunity
During pregnancy, it is very obvious that a mothers immunity becomes a bit low which makes lowers the energy level and sex helps a lot at this point of time with the LGA and it gives up a healthy hormonal health.
3) It increases your happiness meters
Orgasms release endorphins which provide a good mood to the baby and mother.
4) It improves sleep
Sleep is an essential part of a pregnancy which freshens up a mother entire cycle be it the digestion or any other.
5) It reduces pain
Sex reduces the slight pre term pain caused due to some stress or tension.So the tolerance becomes upto 74 % in this case.
Cherish the moments of being a 'mom to be'
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