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As summer season approaches, there comes loads of sweat, skin diseases, dehydration etc. But the most common among these would be a bad sweat that follows a person in his/her everyday summer day. Well here we mention some of the most effective hacks that will help you make your summer sweat vanish like a magic.
1) Use lemon juice on your underarms
Using lemon juice on the darker areas of your underarms can make it white plus give it a fresh breather keeping it away from smelly sweat.
2) Oil blotters
These are best if you have in the form of “Oil bloating papers”. It can instantly soak up the entire sweat be it underarms, on the elbows or over any body part.
3) Use the right fabric to wear
Wearing a synthetic fiber can trap heat and make you uncomfortable so its better to wear a cotton or natural fiber dress which may create less summer sweat and dark patches
4) Use roll on instead of deodorant
Yes this is the best way to shoo an annoying summer sweat and can be tried anytime and anywhere. So do have a roll on handy with yourself.
5) Dry shampoo can be a quick fix
Spraying a dry shampoo over your foot before wearing your footwear can be a miracle for a sudden sweat.
Interesting isn’t it! But do mention your suggestions as well..
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