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Sarees have a special ethinic importance which has traveled through every corner and pavement be it in India and outside. This fabric piece looks absolutely stunning when drapped or wore in any form of attire. Moreover saree word is taken from a Sanskrit word “Sadi” which means a strip of cloth. The first ever saree style took its birth in the city of Andhra Pradesh named as ‘Nivi style’.Beautiful isn’t it! Now lets have a look at some of the unknown facts about this fabric..
1) Saree can be used for an impressive room décor creation
Yes sarees can add an extraordinary charm to your room if you have it as a pillow cover, bed cover or even a curtain.Try it for yourself!
2) Saree surely makes a girl look dam sexy
If a girl wants to show her raunchy side to her lover, a saree can go best to set the temperatures soaring.Yes it does!
3) Different colours of sarees represent different emotion
A sole meaning lie in every scrap of a saree for eg:
1) White- This saree is worn in religious ceremonies and in events as well but it mostly signifies a widow in an Indian culture.
2) Blue- This color of saree is associated with the social workers. People of higher class also wear this colour.
3) Yellow- This is a color of saints, another most important fact about this saree is that a pregnant woman also wear this kind of saree during seven days.
4) Saree is mainly originated from the three piece attire
- ‘Antariya’ is the lower garment.- ‘Uttariya veil worn’ is over shoulder or head.- ‘Stanapatta’ is a chestband.
‘Nothing makes a woman look more beautiful than a saree does’
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