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A travel diary needs no as such special treatment; it just goes with the flow. Whether its taking a tour over a silent pavement with lush on the corners or an isolated hut within the clouds. You can get this adorable tint in a village area as well, yes it is quite surprising but absolutely real and live. We have summed up some of the best village views from all around the globe to please you from inside.Lets start with our own land ‘India’
1) Malana, Himachal Pradesh
It’s a small village placed amidst the Kullu Valley.There are huts,fresh green grass surrounded on the mountains and slow mystic wind blowing at the mids.
2) Gokarna Village,Karnataka
This village is based on the outskirts of Goa and is very famous for ‘Cows Ear’ as in the mythology Lord Shiva took his step from a cows ear.On the other side the entire land is covered with ravishing scenery.
3) Mirik, West Bengal
An uncharted destination that is situated between the Darjeeling hills.It offers an incredible dense grassland view which will surely freshen up your soul.
4) Chaugan Village, Madhya Pradesh
If you really want to get covered into a village area that is full of natural ecstasy then this is an absolutely right choice.
Now some of the foreign village spots
5) Burano
Burano is a small sheltered space with four islands in the Venetian lagoon. The best part of the place would be its colorful painted houses that stand out very creative and amazing to watch.
6) Sidi Bou Said
It is located at the north of the Tunisian capital ‘Tunis’. Its beach appearance fills you with peace at its peak and chalet structures has a very eye soothing color sprinkled all over. In overall the entire place has a stunning view.
7) Alberobello
It’s a village site in the south of Italy which presents you several dry stone hut edifices that holds a fascinating scene when you make a visit.
8) Juzcar
Juzcar is a small village positioned in ‘Andalusia’ that is a part of southern Spain. The entire area is has blue whitewashed walls at its structures which was a centre of attraction when there was shooting that took place for the ‘Smurfs’ movie.
These villages hold a marvelous individuality with its unique euphoria!
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